Sunday, May 01, 2016

Week in Review - April 24 - 30

This week has been a chilly, grey, damp week.  Which is actually great for Montana, but I really, really want to be out in the yard, playing with my plants.  As you can see, there are some things which really, really need to be out in the garden!

So I did do a little indoors transplanting to make me (and my plants) happy.  

As far as the rest of the week went...
  • Lady K's 3 year check up (about a month late)
  • Books finished - 4
  • Steps - 43,908 or 63% (but I didn't have it on Saturday while doing gardening)
  • Posts written - 3
  • Garden help at Tizer Gardens
  • Letter out to new French penpal
  • Set up planner for May (new design, less 'stuff')

This week...
  • Help get my community garden tilled on Sunday
  • Plant my CG (community garden) spot
  • Bee Hive swap block - fabrics selected, cut out and sewn up
  • Work on Harley costume
  • Finish up book and work on blog hop post for it
  • Hopefully, my first time on the water with my kayak

Well, off for more coffee, breakfast and then into the garden!

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