Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Belated Week in Review - July 10 - 16

Yep, it was that kind of week.  I should have known things were off when I kept dropping everything I touched on Thursday.

My neighbors hollyhocks are blooming.  Mine, which I transplanted from seedlings, might bloom a bit this year.  A few have buds on them, so will wait and see.  Will have to take pictures of the sunflowers which are doing great.

And continuing the plant theme...

From the "Craftea" at the library this past week, Fairy Gardens!  Lady K helped put this one together and it is now on the side of my desk.  I stuck the rose cutting in the dirt since it wasn't rooting in the water, but I don't think it will make it.

And I received this package during the week...

Not one, but TWO Hobonichi Techno Planners for my planner class demo.  I wasn't expecting to receive two, so one has been gifted to a young co-worker who is into all things Japanese.  So much so, he is planning on becoming a Japanese translator.  While this is the smaller version, it only makes me want the larger "Cousin" version.  With a case.  One day when I have money!

On our walk to the Symphony Under the Stars on Saturday, I discovered this lovely gate and the rain chimes.  Of course, we don't really get enough rain to really appreciate the bells, but I still out like some.

Isn't the gate inviting?  Makes me want to explore what is beyond it.  I would hope a really neat garden is back there.

And some lilies...

Otherwise, this past week...

  • Steps - 51,973 or 74% of my goal
  • Books finished - 4
  • Posts written - 6
  • Lots of Tour de France watching
  • Lead a coffee klatch at work
  • Picked up extra hours
  • Interviewed for extended hours position at work (didn't get it, but something good is still coming out of it)
  • Did a blood draw for my health incentive at work (potential money right before Christmas!)

This coming week (even though it's already started)...

  • Finish up Harley Quinn costume (I did, but issues with grommets)
  • Meeting with SS from work to discuss Big Read ideas and what I will contribute
  • Pick up extra hours at work
  • Write a couple of letters I owe
  • Mail off Geekgasm Swap package
  • Three full days of babysitting while Texter is a NaguCon
  • Make Nanking Cherry Jelly
  • Set up August pages in planner
  • Work on planner notes and power point 
  • Picture taking of planners

Well, off to get more coffee and get a move on.

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  1. You have had quite a busy week and the next one looks just as busy! I am tired just reading your lists. :-) I love those rain chimes---we have talked about getting some here because we DO get tons of rain and they would be so pretty maybe on the side of the garage. Hmmm. You have gotten me thinking! Have a great week!


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