Monday, July 18, 2016

Mandala Monday - Broadway - Symphony Under the Stars!

It's been a long weekend, mainly because I had two 'late' nights (at least by my standards) and I'm still not chugging along on all cylinders yet.  So instead of a mandala to start the week, here is the fireworks display at the Symphony Under the Stars from Saturday night.  

Sorry about the change in angles, but I wanted to get all the fireworks in the shot.  And it was late.

(Yes, I know I probably shouldn't have recorded it, but what the heck.  They do a great job each year and I'm not selling it in any way.)

From the hillside overlooking the area.

Getting to the Symphony Under the Stars.  We are loaded with drinks and food for the evening.

This has become our 'regular' spot.  Third year in a row we are on the front, slightly to the side of the stage.

"Selfie" fans given out at the event.


Exhausted from dancing around to the music they were streaming prior to the real show starting.  She did ballet and tumbling for a good hour or two.

Of course, they have no fun what-so-ever during the event.  I had to force them to come and pretend to have a good time.

Savvy and a couple of her friends were able to join us just as the symphony started playing.  With Broadway the theme this year, there was no way she was going to miss it.

Until next  year...

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