Sunday, July 10, 2016

Week in Review - July 3 - 9

Since I run on routine, the past couple of weeks have thrown me a bit off stride.  Of course, the Tour de France has started, so hours now in front of the TV, staying up past my bedtime, doesn't help any either.

Some of this past weeks events -

Cut my hair, so the resulting dye grow-out and the hair cut made it look like I painted a purple circle on my head.  So I had to recolor.  This is the result...

People seem to like the hair.  And no, that isn't my autobiography I'm holding!

We have been on a sno-cone kick and guess what her favorite flavor is.  We had to put blue in her hair to match her tongue.

We have achieved 1 bird at the feeder and bird box.  Actually, I'm pretty sure it's 2, but we only ever see one at a time.  It's either a Mountain (which I'm leaning toward) or Black-Cap Chickadee.  I have to check for the white bar over it's eye.

The garden is chugging along.  Worried about some of the potato leaves turning yellow which are in my containers.  But the dwarf tomatoes are covered in blooms.  Now if they will just set fruit.

Note the upper right corner.  There are a couple of small pepitas pumpkins growing.  However, I seem to have an issue with something nibbling on my growing melons and zucchini.

The tomato plants are about 12" to 18" and loaded with blooms.  If they all set fruit, it's just going to be one big tomato.  But I fear the temperatures haven't been warm enough at night for them to set.  Hopefully, I'll get at least 1 tomato off of each plant.  I'm not asking for much.

My Roma tomatoes at the community garden are only about 12" tall and have tomatoes setting.  Not holding my breathe for much of a harvest there either.


  • Steps - 42,920 for the week or 61%  Need to 'step-up' my game here!
  • Books finished - 1  (we won't talk about the 40 from the library sitting in my room!)
  • Posts written - 5
  • Worked the book drop on the 4th of July
  • Got the bustle and hooded shrug done for Harley Quinn and the corset is about 1/3 done.  Texter spray painted the grommets to match the fabric rather than being bright brass colored.
  • Donated blood
  • Attended monthly staff meeting
  • Almost through my goal for the month on knitting the Knit/Swirl sweater.  Watching 'men in spandex' really ups my knitting progress.
  • Started pulling together information and DIY ideas for the library's Big Read in September/October
  • Assigned my swap partner for the Geekgasm Swap (and we are too much alike!)

And the really big thing?

No, that isn't a fly in my fries. 

Yes, we are playing Pokemon Go in our household.  Is it wrong that at 58 I know what you are talking about when you say "someone is using a lure at a poke stop"?  And that I rush down the block to take advantage of it?  Or that Texter takes my phone with me when she meets up with her friend M to walk around and trap Pokemon?  I have to stay at home and watch a sleeping Lady K.  But I am sure, even though she is out at night, two women alone, they are safe.  There are 3 gyms and poke stops all within range only about 3 blocks away.  Which is also the location of the court house and police station.  Figure they couldn't be any safer than that.  Plus other Pokemon trainers are walking by all the time!

For the coming week:

  • Finish the corset
  • Symphony Under the Stars on Saturday.  Have to put out my blanket on Friday night.
  • Write my French penpal
  • Write up several posts I have in mind
  • Lead a coffee klatch at work on "Goals, Projects, & Tasks" on Tuesday
  • Convert a composition notebook to a planner for my upcoming class
  • Get several pictures taken for posts
  • Make some bands and pen holders for planners
  • Go to the Craftea at the library and make a fairy garden
  • Sort through books in piles in my room and take most of them back to the library
  • Get my walking in (may be tough with a couple of rainy days)

So off for more coffee until then.

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