Tuesday, July 05, 2016

June Goals Update and July's Goals

Needed to finish up Harley Quinn costume.  Now to spray paint them black!

  • Walk more.  Not getting my 10,000 steps in daily and my body can tell it - still not getting in my goal steps, but better
  • Write more.  Need to get that pencil to the paper. - nope, but have started working on prep for NaNoWriMo
  • Finish Harley Quinn costume - Nope, and have about 2 weeks to finish up!
  • Sew one item of clothing - not even!
  • Get Bee Hive block out on time
  • Do May and June's RSC16 blocks and color wedges - nope
  • Keep up with garden - at home yes, community garden, not so much
  • Knit 4 more welts on my Knit and Swirl sweater
  • Go on two Helena Hiker hikes - nope
  • Get out in the kayak (finally) - nope

Well, I'm not happy about what I didn't get accomplished in June.  But will be moving on with July goals...

  • Finish Harley Quinn! (I have grommets now for the corset, just need to spray paint them black before using)
  • Sew one item of clothing
  • Catch up RSC16 for May, June and July
  • Hit walking goal weekly
  • Start my Bee Hive block
  • Do the #onebookjuly2016 challenge
  • Knit and Swirl sweater through Welt 26
  • Figure out a pen holder for planner
  • Attend 1 Helena Hiker hike
  • Start power point and handouts for the "Planners, Planning and Productivity" workshop

I'm also hoping (and praying and fingers crossed) going to get an additional 10 hours a week added to my work schedule.  Hopefully, will find out soon.


  1. June seems to have been a hard month for most people. Even the girls in my Masterminds group all struggled. I don't know what it is. Too much nice weather? All that sun?

  2. You're gonna rock July! You're well on your way to the goal steps, right? So you're halfway there. :)


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