Wednesday, July 13, 2016

In My Spare Time...

So I need to finish up the Harley Quinn costume (almost there).  Gardens need weeding.  Behind a day on the Tour de France.  Just lots of 'stuff' going on.  So what else is on my plate?


Creating a workshop to be given in September on "Planners, Planning and Productivity".  I am exploring all things 'planner-ish' and loving it.  How can you pass up an excuse to get this?

ARC is upping it's game and coming out with additional items for their system other than calendars and pages.  Another post will follow on the stickers and post-it notes they have released (which I can't see on their website).

I have the pages both in the large A5 size and the personal notebook size.  I almost hate to get them messy.  While I don't see them working of a BIG project, something simple would work well.

Soon there will be pictures of different planners received and finished Harley Quinn pictures and a bit of knitting (I have a couple of new knitting projects I want to do, but can't until Knit and Swirl is done!)

Oh, and the other thing...

Yep, Pokemon everywhere.  It's sad.  But they keep popping up!

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