Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Midweek Look - A Few Things Off My List

So after what seemed like a long weekend, I have managed to cross a couple of things off my list. 

First off, Sunday morning dawned sluggish for me.  I couldn't get the old motor churning and I knew I had to finish up Harley Quinn.  So I used the early morning hours to tackle my desk.  It was piled with...well, piles.

First off, I cleaned everything off the desk top, except for the computer and then dusted and cleaned the surface.  Then I went through all the 'stuff' I had taken off and set up the desk again.

Of course, it didn't stay like this for long.  My desk is on the 'path' through the house and seems to be a dropping off point for things.  And Lady K has an affinity for wanting to mess with things here.  But at least it got me going.

After having to mess with grommets for way too long, Harley Quinn is actually finished.  Well, finished enough for this weekend.  I am going to have to redo the corset at some point.  But I won't be using that company for grommets again.  Every time we went to set the grommets, the tool stuck in the grommet and had to be pried off.  Took about 10 times longer to put in 30 grommets.  I've done them before in costumes and never had this issue.  But 'Harley' is done...

So Harley is off my to-do list.  In it's place I am going to work on some clothing for a bit.  I have several pieces of fabric given to me which will make up into some nice tops for work and maybe a skirt or two.  First on the cutting table is a couple of pieces of 'dark mustard' fabric, only about a little over a yard each.

While I originally bought the pattern for the longer skirts, I am making this into the short skirt for Savvy.  She loves the color.  Since the woven fabric is a bit too see-through, I am using the silky fabric for the lining.  The colors match really well and should make up into a cute skirt (fingers crossed).

On the garden note...

Three pounds of potatoes from two of the pots I planted them in as an 'experiment'.  The plants never bloomed and started dying back.  I figured I was going to get nothing and dumped out one pot to check it out.  Much to my surprise (and Lady K's delight) there were some potatoes.  So we tried a second pot.  She was more concerned with washing them off than finding them in the dirt.  But enough for a couple of meals for us all.  Now I need some green beans!

During my two 'vacation' days off this week, where I am babysitting Lady K while Texter is at NaguCon here in Helena...housecleaning!  And some sewing.  And some planning for my part in the upcoming Big Read in a few months at the library.  But at least one big project has been removed!


  1. Nice job, you productive lady! Glad to see I'm not the only one that has troubles keeping a clean desk. :) Harley Quinn turned out awesome! And nothing tastes better than fresh potatoes.

  2. Congrats on finishing the Harley costume! It looks great. :D
    And yay for potatoes! I wish we'd gotten a chance to plant some this year. That's gotta be the easiest thing to grow. Best of luck with the skirt!


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