Tuesday, August 05, 2014

56 Hours and 2400 Miles - Part II

One benefit of the 1200 mile drive back, was a chance to reconnect with Savvy.  I hadn't seen her since Christmas and was excited to see her again and know she was coming with me this time.  One of the things I learned on this trip is that she likes pictures of architecture and 'boulders'.  Another good thing about the drive back is ability to see the sights on Route 89A.  

I have driven the detour (Route 89 is closed and there is a detour) where you see Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon Dam.  And all the scenery is straight from a John Wayne western.  However, 89A, which is about the same distance, I have only driven by night, by mistake (I missed the turn for the detour and had to take 89A).  Another reason I wanted to drive 89A during the day is one day, right after we moved here, Texter and I saw a guy with a t-shirt celebrating the drive on 89A and all it's curves.

We did stop at the bridge over the Colorado River for a gander.  Me, walking down the center of the bridge that cross it....WAY up high!

I really don't like walking or looking over heights.  There was a line down the center where I stayed.

It feels taller than 467 feet.

The Colorado River

The other side of the bridge and the road you drive over on Route 89A.

The cliffs along side of the river.  Once down there, you aren't getting up anytime soon. 

A view of the rim around the river, from one side to the other.

More of the trip tomorrow....boulders and the Vermillion Cliffs.

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