Friday, August 15, 2014

Cherries Are Murder!

I am slowly becoming use to the fact that I can't start off in April with strawberries from a U-Pick-Em farm, which becomes June and peaches, then fall and apples.  However, unless I wanted to drive to Virginia, there were little, if any cherries, to be had in North Carolina.  Montana, on the other hand, is now awash in Flathead Cherries - dark red, juicy, sweet, plump and just darn good eating.

Texter and I bought 4 pounds of these beauties from a friend, partially because it was a fund raiser for one of her daughters.  I took some with me to Arizona and still had about 3.5 pounds left over.  So it became a quest to find recipes to use them in.

I found a great fresh cherry scone recipe online at Created by Diane.  I am not as much of a fan of scones as Savvy, mainly because I find them a little less sweet than I really like.  But these were just sweet enough for me.

But what I really had fun with was this.....

Our living room/kitchen is all one big room with an island dividing them.  So I am at the counter, watching TV and pitting cherries.  I looked down to see drops of blood all over the counter.

I realized if someone walked in and saw me with red on my hands, the 'bloody' knife and drops of red everywhere, it would look like I had committed murder, or at least attempted it.  No wonder so many mystery novels have a cooking theme!

So the results of my evening of mayhem was one batch of fresh cherry scones, 1 faux-cheesecake-ish pie and a pint of cherries in vodka (now sitting in Savvy's closet where she is monitoring their progress).

Note:  no humans or animals were harmed in the preparation of these cherries!

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