Sunday, August 03, 2014

Trip Humor

I was going to wait and post this later in the week, but it is so funny to me (in a warped sense), I couldn't wait.

As traffic was backed up at one point during the day (see Thursday's post), I caught sight of a large horse trailer rig.  On the back of the ramp was some verbiage I thought was probably the name of the stable, or one of their horses which might be famous, something along those lines. 

I could figure out that the horse or stable was called Samurai 81 or 87...who knows.

So we get a bit closer....

Still not really registering that it's not a stable on the back of the trailer with horses' heads in the windows.

NO!  It's advertising a Japanese STEAKHOUSE AND SUSHI on the back of a horse trailer!  For some reason I just don't think I will be detouring to Mesquite, Nevada for steak and/or sushi anytime soon.  NEIGH!

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