Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Beat the Backlist Challenge

I seem to be all about the challenges and 'a-longs' right now. Knit-a-longs (KAL), Quilt-a-longs (QAL) and now...

To Be Read-alongs (TBR)

The last one I am blaming on a delightful blogger and former swap partner, Beth, of Printcess. She makes wonder eye shadows (which I lost mine in the fire and will have to order some more) and an avid book consumer.

Actually, it's a "Beat the Backlist" challenge and includes some fun Harry Potter/Hogwarts themed point making challenges and is the brainchild of Novel Knight.

The premise is to read all those books set on the back burner because you have gotten distracted by shiny, new books. (Not me, I say, rolling my eyes!)

I am very, very guilty of having a TON of books I need to read, mainly on my Kindle, which I keep setting aside. Several of which I need to read and review from 2016. 

So Monday morning I sat down and reviewed my list of books on my Kindle and in my 'want-to-read' section on Goodreads and pulled together a list of books for the challenge. Can you say 'way-to-many'?

So there it is....

55 books to read and clear off my backlist. 

Some fiction. Some nonfiction. Some to finish up series. Some to start series. 

This should be an interesting rest of the year, especially since I know I will have several books from 2017 coming in to be read also. But then I have set myself a goal of 175 books to read this year. So I need to really chug along through some pages!

But in the meantime...

Off for more coffee and a bit of reading before Lady K is up.

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad you're playing along. Now for us both to summon up the willpower to read these backlists over the bright new shiny ones. 175 books is a hefty goal, too- good luck!
    I'm so sorry about the eyeshadows- I didn't even think (hard to wrap my head around surviving a house fire), or I would've tossed some into the yarn box. Whoops!


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