Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Learning to "Work" Retirement

Ok, this is tough.

You would think not having to go to work would be something easy to do. Well, at least it was while I was working!

But now, not so easy.

And Monday, it dawned on me some of the benefits of no longer having to stop what I'm doing and go to work. And the above is one of the many reasons why it's a good thing.

  • I missed much of my daughters growing up having to work and keep house and cook and...
  • Now I can enjoy being at home with Lady K and 'reliving' to some degree the things I missed when the girls were growing up.

As I was working on cataloging and list making for my fiber and fabric projects, I could stop and sit in the yard with my knitting while Lady K was playing in the yard and digging in her sandbox. No problem! Nowhere I HAD to be. No deadlines (except for those self-imposed for knit-and-stitch-alongs).

It also means, during her summer vacation (and during the school year), Texter is free to do more with friends and follow her interests more. Right now, I'm listening to the movie "Sing" for about the 100th time with Lady K while Texter is with our LulaRoe dealer, helping her out. And she got to stay out late Saturday night, playing D&D with friends. Win-win for everyone.

So while my body/mind is learning retirement, I can enjoy a bologna sandwich in the yard in the sunshine with Lady K for lunch. And plan some fun trips this summer hitting quilt shops around Montana on a quilt hop. 

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  1. I'm sure it is an adjustment, but it sounds WONDERFUL.


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