Sunday, May 28, 2017

Week In Review - May 21 - 27

I think I might be getting into this whole 'retirement' thing and having 'time'.


I think.


This past week was pretty good. Despite the wind.

Wind blows here in Montana. Like crazy. Some serious wind all day long.

And despite the cool temperatures and wind, my tomatoes are actually blooming and setting some fruit. This Cherokee Purple (of course) had a huge double bloom and hopefully this tomato will become a huge purple/red juicy delight in a few weeks.

But Lady K has been enjoying getting out in the yard and into her sandbox. I love being able to sit and work at the computer or knit and keep and eye on her. Texter did teach her to come to the window or door and let us know she was still out there every now and then. This way she can wander the yard more. There is a sidewalk beside the house and she likes to load up a 'cuddly' and put them in her little shopping cart for a stroll.

Otherwise this past week...

  • I have failed at going to the gym!
  • Finished the Colorwash Scarf and blocked it
  • Monthly "What's New" session at The Sewing Palace and signed up for the Almond Country Quilt starting in June
  • Mowed the yard
  • Finished the Fox Throw and Pillow for Texter (who is in a power struggle with Lady K on who actually gets to use it)
  • Went through and cataloged all quilting and knitting projects and updated Ravelry
  • Trip to Great Falls so Texter could drive around Benton Lake and practice driving and I could take pictures of birds. Yep, she's getting her license this summer!
  • While in Great Falls, picked up a skein of The Farmer's Daughter Knitiversary 2017 special edition yarn. Her yarns are super yummy! 
  • Trip to the playground, to Parrot Confectionary for gummies and Bridge Pizza for lunch with Lady K

This coming week is going to be FUN!!!!

  • Monday - trip to a friend's house for goat and horse time with Lady K
  • Start of ICAD
  • Start of a Twisted Sock KAL with Sockmatician
  • A day trip to YELLOWSTONE! (if all my planning goes well)
  • Friday is a trip downtown in the afternoon to watch the magic show
  • Quick trip to Avon and Birdseye Mercantile to get background fabric for the Almond Country Quilt-a-long
  • Trips to the gym
  • Lot's of knitting and hopefully complete a project
  • Reading!
  • Planning more day trips and some rock hounding for this summer. Several wool/fiber festivals around Montana and some 'quilt hops' to figure in

But for now, more coffee!

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  1. Oh my goodness, your weeks are so FULL! You're setting an excellent standard. :)
    I hope this week is equally enjoyable- especially your day trip to Yellowstone! How far away is it for you?


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