Sunday, May 21, 2017

Week In Review - May 14 - 20

I'm still trying to 'adjust' to not working. Being able to do things on my on schedule (pretty much). But it's been a full week, lots of knitting, falling off the 'no-sewing' band wagon only to have machine issues with the project, cooking and some time in the yard around a gray, drizzly day (my kind of weather). 

Since the seedlings are now outside, all the orchids (pretty much) are in the bay window. A second flowering branch had grown on an orchid I 'rescued' and is opening up. The early morning sun through the bloom is beautiful.

I'll take pictures this coming week of what we planted, but Lady K assisted. She even has her own hanging basket and huge planter of flowers she picked out. Luckily, we have had a couple of days of a bit of rain which has helped de-stress the plants and get them off to a nice start. The coming week is suppose to be a tad warmer and things should really take off.

And that is it for my exercise this past week. Really lax on going to the gym or doing yoga!

Lots of cooking this past week, much to the delight of Savvy's co-workers. A Fresh Cherry/Almond/White Chocolate scone and an Asian Noodle Salad were the two biggies. This morning will be an Apple Pecan Oatmeal Bake, by the way.

Saturday was the big day.

I had an Amaro (bitters) 'class' at Gulch Distillers in the afternoon. It was basically showing and explaining how they make amaro or bitters. You could also call them liqueurs when you add sweeteners during the process. I already had my mind set on some cherry liqueurs before I went.

Now, isn't this the proper way to study! A drink with lilac infused honey (yummy!). 

I'll have a longer post about the class next week, but I went home with "Professional Strength" vodka and some of the ingredients to add to my cherry liqueur I will be making.

More about what is in there, but it was great fun talking to someone who does this for a living and putting together a selection of spices and barks to compliment the cherries. Can't wait for the fall when my concoction comes together.

Next month is syrups, so I anticipate all sorts of little bottles in the kitchen infusing various sweeteners for drinks (and not just alcoholic ones). I'm already signed up!

And after the drinks, I went to the Helena Quilt Show all by my lonesome. Browsing without checking to be sure Lady K isn't dismantling the show!

Lots of quilts and further weakening of my 'no-sewing' pledge. A new machine is definitely in the plans soon. Maybe. If I can afford what I want. Hopefully. But there will be a longer post coming about some of the quilts. Lots of eye-candy and a furthering of my resolve to get some projects done!

I do have to show this one quickly. I love the gradient of colors and all the different size stars. It's similiar to some different patterns I have pinned and would love to do and really like how the blocks are set on-point.

And the best part? Cheri B., my orchid guild person, made this! 

There was a bit of a downer as I was heading home after picking up Lady K so her mother could play Dragons  & Dungeons uninterrupted with friends.

What was suppose to start on Monday, the 22nd, has already taken place. The Temple of Fire is now the Temple of Rubble. It's a bit bittersweet. On one hand it's sad to see the kids first home being torn down after only a year and a half of ownership. On the other hand, it was the catalyst for us to be able to move back to North Carolina. Lady K was a bit upset to see her house in a pile. But I'm sure the neighbors are glad work is being done to get rid of the house after it sitting there, charred, for about five months. Now to have them remove the rubble and the kids sell the lot.

Otherwise this week - 

  • Finished two books
  • Received a book to read and review
  • Received a box of yarn from a friend who wasn't going to use it (Thanks, Beth!)

This coming week - 

  • Off my butt and lots more exercising!
  • Finishing up more books
  • Finishing up some knitting
  • Figuring out how to sew on this minky fabric and complete a throw
  • More writing being done
  • More staying on track, and tracking, various things (like drinking water and taking vitamins)
  • Going through my bins and cataloging all the projects and trying to find where I put the sewing supplies I bought (like the pair of Gingher scissors and rotary cutter!)

So, until then...

More coffee!

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  1. You're very welcome! Sorry it took so long. :)
    You may be the busiest retired person I know- I love that you're still learning new skills and diving in headfirst and getting to enjoy time with the family. Yay!


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