Thursday, May 25, 2017

Helena Quilt Show 2017 Part II

So after an delightful hour learning about bitters and making bitters at Gulch Distillers, I toddled back up the street to finish up my tour of the Helena Quilt Show 2017. 

This one is designed and sewn by someone I actually know, Cheri Bergeron. However, I don't know her from quilting, but rather by another passion, orchids. She is an officer in our local orchid society. (And I have some orchids she gave me to replace ones I lost in the fire!) 

I love the gradient and it just works for me. It's always amazing to me how turning a block on it's point changes the way it looks completely.

Sewn by Nancy Gillespie, another Judy Niemeyer design. This one I don't have.

This one hit on several levels. First, I have some fabric for a Montana State quilt for a friend. Uncut. Sitting in a box. But I love the memory quilt idea. Have to get hopping on the quilt as her oldest is leaving in August to attend MSU. I think she needs a quilt to cuddle with when he's gone.

This one is by Lisa Lovell and was a graduation present to someone.

I like this quilt as I am collecting cat fabric (and foxes) for quilts for the girls. What a great idea to make this quilt, using cat fabrics for the cats! Wouldn't it?

Anyway, this is a round robin quilt by Carolyn Meier and using a pattern from a 2000 McCall's Quilting magazine.

The above two wall hanging, by Andrea Atwood, really had me looking. 

First, they appeal to one of my first loves, embroidery. Secondly, the top picture is a panel she embellished. What a super idea. If I'm not creative enough to do something like the bottom design, at least I can embellish a panel. Wheels are churning as I have several panels in mind. But what a way to combine the two, needlework and quilting merged. Yummy!

Sewn by Kathy Grant, this Elizabeth Hartman design, Fancy Forest, is sitting in my 'to-do' pile. I have her Fox and Cat patterns too (for Texter and Savvy). Those I have started on. Or at least pulled fabrics for them.  But Hartman's pattern, Tokyo Subway was one of the first 'modern' quilts I fell in love with and want to make it still.

Yep, One Block Wonder. Sitting in a box, several dozen units sewn up and needing some finishing. Of which I have an idea how I want to do it.

Sewn by LaDonna Fabian, I love how she has a panel at the top and then the blocks underneath. With the quilting done the same all over, you really can't tell when it goes from blocks to whole cloth.

Also by LaDonna Fabian, this is the 2015 Mystery Quilt from the shop hop. My Peony Quilt is done with this pattern (and isn't as nicely sewn!) What a difference fabrics can make to the design! I didn't even realize this was 'my quilt' until I read the label. Now I HAVE to find backing and get mine finished up.

Red and black. Tumbling Blocks, always a favorite of time. But look closely. Each white size of the block has a different quilt design on it!

By Mignon Waterman, she is donating this quilt to a local church. You couldn't pry this quilt out of my hands if it was mine!

Another entry by Sue Wheeler. This is using the Fabulous Fractures by Brenda Esslinger. I have read the book and want to give it a try one day. What a great way to use an interesting panel.

Another Irene Wilson and another idea on how to use orphan blocks. 

This is one of two antique quilts on display. And once again, one of my first loves - crazy quilts. Needlework and quilting. One day I will start on one!

This is not really a quilt entered into the show, but rather a sample from The Sewing Palace for a kit. Right up my alley. But right now I am signed up for the Almond Country Beauty BOW (Block of the Week) quilt which starts in June. Not to mention, quilt store hops will start in June and I'm sure I will have tons more 'stash' and patterns coming in as I visit the stores. After all, you can't not buy something from each store, right?

So now...

Seriously wanting a new machine to replace my better Singer which melted in the Temple of Fire. Hopefully, figuring out how to sew this minky throw on the basic Singer. And then deciding which quilt top to start on in my stash of 33 quilting projects of which are already in some form of WIP. Not to mention the 4 quilt tops ready for backing and quilting. Or the patterns I want to start.

I won't mention the knitting projects or the 'other' sewing projects. Thank goodness, I retired. I'm exhausted already!

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