Saturday, May 13, 2017

Twenty Four Years Ago Today...

I was listening to the doctor (who spelled doctor G-O-D) almost come to blows with a nurse who was less than impressed with him. Especially after he had told me I wasn't in labor when I was. However, 'someone' decided that 9 centimeters was just a fine time to come into the world, regardless of what anyone else as thinking.

And she hasn't changed a bit!

Texter has given more than a few gray hairs over the years.

She quit school at 15 and when she turned 16 seven months later was enrolling for her GED and completed it in record time. Now she is two semesters away from finishing up a college course of studies and walking off with an associate degree and two certifications. And probably finished this semester on the Dean's List. 

She's a loving, single mom with an active 4 year old. And with plans for a wonderful life ahead of her and Lady K.

Happy Birthday, Texter! 

(Even if you had to buy your own cake!)

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  1. :--) Sounds like she is amazing and determined! Happy Birthday!!!


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