Sunday, May 07, 2017

Week In Review - April 30 - May 6

Well, I am officially 'retired'. Or 'unemployed'. But since I voluntarily left, I guess retired would be the correct term. For 2 whole days. Two whole, packed-with-activities, days.

I received a lovely send-off from the library. A strawberry covered cheesecake and an even lovelier hanging basket. There are geraniums in it which I plan to try and overwinter and take to North Carolina with me.

But my first day off was filled with a four-year-old checkup for Lady K. With 2 shots. Which caused her to have a 'broken leg' later in the day. And then her therapist appointment. There went the morning!

In the evening, we did this...

The Downtown Helena Spring Art Walk and boy, was it a perfect evening for it.

We stopped to see a fine-feathered-friend.

She looked every bit as grumpy as Lady K was (pre-ice cream). And we indulged in a bit of sidewalk chalk, but nothing as good as this young artist.

Then Saturday started out equally busy.  We went to Migratory Bird Day. Our third year and this was the first year we weren't freezing our butts off.

Once again, a beautiful day for the outdoor event. Besides making a bird house (we now have 2) and some pinecone bird feeders, Lady K had a bird 'tattooed' on her arm.

Have I mentioned the landlord has started renovating the outside of the house? It was something we knew was coming, but didn't think the windows would be covered with plastic on the hottest days of the year! We sweltered inside and languished, in true Southern style, in front of our fans.

Therefore, I...

Cleaned up my desk area...


Baked some bread (yep, even with it being so hot inside...I'm stupid.)

I received yarn for a Year of Techniques project and wound 3 skeins of yarn (total of about 700 yards)

Right now, the body of the mouse will be the blue since it's Lady K's favorite color. The nose will be the purple and the vest and inside of the ears will be purple and green.  I will have to do a cat too and have my eyes on a couple.

My Colorwash Scarf is chugging along as I watched episodes of The Vikings.  Problem is, as I go along, the rows get longer. I have about 64 more rows across to knit before I change up things a bit. At least the pattern is memorized and not a toughie.

See the pink marker in the middle? That's were I started from last week and shows how much I did last week. I did miss a couple of days knitting. But I am pleased with the stripey look and can't wait to block it so the 'holes' show up.


  • 4 workouts at the gym
  • signed up at the yoga studio for their 30 day special
  • attended the Great Divide Orchid Society meeting and 'won' an orchid in the raffle
  • Led the closing workshop for National Letter Writing Month
  • Led the Queen City Writer's Roundtable - writer's block was the discussion
  • Wrote 3 posts
  • Finished 1 book (but have a TON beside my bed)
  • Walked 70% of my goal (my butt getting kicked by a friend)

This coming week...

  • Enjoying my first week of retirement while Texter and Lady K are still in school
  • Yoga and workouts at the gym
  • Getting my 'routine' worked out
  • Lots of knitting while laundry is washing
  • Planning some menus
  • Getting some writing and reading done

Well, Lady K just informed me she is hungry and I need more coffee.

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