Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Helena Quilt Show 2017 Drool-worthy

There is a BAD problem with attending quilt shows. It's similar to letting a drug addict loose in a drug factory. 

The GOOD thing about attending a quilt show is it really rejuvenates the creative juices and inspires me to 'good-forth-and-quilt'.

So some of the eye-candy from the 2017 show. And some revelations about my quilting plans.

By Jan Larsen, this is a merging of an image off the internet and some Celtic blocks by Philomena Wiechec. So really opened up a whole realm of quilting - taking images in pictures and turning them into a quilt.

First, it's read and black, Texter's favorite color combination. This was a BOM and done by Sue Wheeler. But just proves what a difference color combinations can make.

This is En Provence, the Mystery Quilt 2016 by Bonnie Hunter, and sewn by Irene Wilson. I didn't participate in this quilt, but may have to go back at one point and do it. 

One thing I have learned is I am learning to recognize pattern designers before I ever read who designed it. Designers have distinctive styles. I could do this with needlework patterns back in the day and now I am learning to do it with quilt designers.

Sewn by Lou Moore, this is a Jen Kingwell design (and I LOVE her stuff). Gypsy Wife is probably her pattern I will start with.

Also by Lou Moore (does she ever leave the sewing machine?), this is a Judy Niemeyer design. Of which I currently have 9 patterns for her quilts, one of which is actually a WIP and another I have the fabrics for. One day...

Ok, this one caught my eye. It's a completely random design, using up scraps and turning them into blocks and then turning the blocks into a quilt. Sewn Bobbi Bridgeman, this gives me some ideas on how to take all those orphan blocks and use them in a quilt.

By Glynis Scott, another Judy Niemeyer design. At least I am consistent. Maybe it's the use of batik fabrics?

Another quilt sewn by Irene Wilson, this is the Allietare quilt from 2015 by Bonnie Hunter. Mine is 'almost' completed in that all the parts need to be sewn together. A jab in the butt to get off mine and get it finished and in use.

Sewn by Sue Wheeler, this is an adapted pattern by Sassafras Lane. I LOVE compass/kaleidoscope patterns and designs. What a great way to combine the two.

Ok, so I need to get out my EPP and work on my La Pass quilt. This is the New Hexagon pattern by Katja Marek and hand pieced by Dawn Valle. I have mine in a box and may sit in on her class at the Sewing Palace this summer to spur me on.

One of many round robin quilts by the Helena Hot Flash group. Love, love, love it. This one is by Julia Dess.

I love this design to show off Asian-ish fabrics. What a great idea. Sewn by Sue Kissinger it's the Oriental Fujita Maze Pattern from McCall's Quilting Magazine.

Another quilt by Sue Kissinger, this is 4 Patch Posy by H.D. Designs. Love the black and how it makes the kaleidoscope blocks pop.

So this was my first hour at the show, marveling at the quilts, before I ran back down the street for a class at Gulch Distilleries (quilts and drinking in the same day!) I will feature the second part tomorrow.

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