Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Eating Crow...or Rather Crow Eating

Walked out of work last night about 8pm.  I had on my mind the errand I needed to run (pick up four pounds of fresh local cherries) and a cooler and then home to bed.  Also was thinking "only two more days" and I would be on my way to Arizona to pick up Savvy.

As I crossed the street from the library to my car, there was this rather large, black fellow walking down the sidewalk....

First off, you don't really appreciate just how big and solid they really are.  He was walking down the sidewalk and panting a bit.  It was hot, but he didn't try and fly away when I got close.

He did fly a tiny bit from the sidewalk to the parking lot and started walking agin.  I didn't see any obvious signs of injury, but it was a bit strange.

He did stop and come back when I threw a couple of pieces of cake down for him.  He kept one eye on me as he ate.  

As I drove off, he was still there, eating cake in the parking lot.  And that is my eating crow story.

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