Monday, July 14, 2014

Instagram Challenge Day 14 - Get Physical

This is my main form of exercise these days - trying to keep up with Lady K.  She has a natural ability to puzzle out how to move things in order to achieve her goals.  In this case, she knows this is the door to outside, the car, 'go'.  And she is determined to open it.  I had just finished watering my tomatoes and she felt she needed to be outside too.

Climbing up on chairs and other pieces of furniture is her mainstay.  Mine is stopping her before she takes a dive.  If you leave the tray off her high chair, she is in it, sitting there before you know it.  She has climbed onto my exercise bike (which I need to do more of myself).

I escape to the library for 20 hours a week in order to bend over, pull books from a bin and check them in, putting them on carts and walking to and from the front of the circulation area to the back, assisting patrons.  That's my other form of exercise and much less exhausting!

I don't think my watching the Tour de France is considered 'getting physical', although at times I feel like I am pedaling for them.  And with the temperatures in the 90's these days, a hike is not on my calendar.  I don't do heat!  Guess I need to get my yoga on.

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