Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Mashup

Things around here have been a bit 'off' the past week, therefore I didn't get my Instagram Challenge pictures for the past week or so (that's my story and I'm sticking to it).  Some things are getting done, others aren't.  But then, that's life.

Last week I was out walking the dog and happened to see this bird (and about 5 others) being chased by a hawk.  Now what is particularly interesting is that these birds roost in a tree across the street from me.  They are white doves and I don't know if they are owned by the guy whose dead tree they roost in or not, but they will circle around the area periodically as a flock.  Anyway, they were being chased by a hawk.  Off in the distance, it appeared to be another couple of hawks.  My take on it, pair of hawks teaching baby.

Anyway, the flock went from 6 to 4 in a matter of about 30 minutes.  On one hand, I was delighted to see hawks in action (although I never actually saw "the moment").  On the other hand, I felt sorry about the falling white dove population.  However,  the next day, the flock was back up to 6 plus doves, so I am really confused now.

Some people agonize over the perfect pair of jeans...or haircut....or shoes.  I agonize over the perfect calendar/planner.  So much so that I have thought about drawing out my own and having it printed off.  I want a 'month at a glance', preferably on 2 pages.  Then I want a week at a glance, covering two pages.  Then I want a daily page.  I can get month/week or month/daily, but not both, hence printing out my own.  I have also heard about the "Arc" planner and we have a Staples, so I might go in that direction.  I need 'to-do' pages, pages to plan out my blog postings, menu/shopping list pages in addition to calendar pages.

Part of my problem, and I know it's genetic because Texter has it too, is that I love paper/pens/office supplies and all the assorted gadgets and widgets you can get to go along with it.  And despite my love of tech, I am still very much analog when it comes to my planner.  I'm so confused, especially when I see all the Arc stuff on Pinterest.   We shall see.  I have a month or so before I really start twitching about not having 2015 in place already.

What really has me antsy is that school starts in about 3 weeks.  FULL load this semester, but feeling good about it.  I am pursing my Associates in Graphic Arts (having dropped my pursuit of Associate of Arts).  I happened to go look at my 'program evaluation' the other day and found out that the Communication and Psychology class that I needed to take this semester, I didn't have to take it, as an English and an Anthropology class, which I had already taken, were substituted for them.  AND, I only needed a upper level English and a Philosophy class to finish out my Associate of Arts degree.  I dropped the COM and PSY and picked up an ENG and am wait listed for the PHI class.  I'm so excited!  The 18th of August can't get here fast enough.

Yes, Lady K is well aware at 16 months old what the phone is for.  And the computer.  Problem is trying to keep them out of her hands.  I have to remember to turn off my mouse and keyboard, or my files on my desktop are relabeled.  Texter's little Apple keyboard died, so we gave it to her to play with as it is just her size.  She's not stupid.  She knows it's not attached to anything.  I think she messes with it to humor us.  

Which brings me to the point of my rambling....Savvy will be here shortly and will be living with us while she gets on her feet, finds a job here in Montana and saves up to move into her own place.  And she is not use to little hands into every single thing, whether it is nailed down or not.

So I will leave you with this picture of an approaching rain storm with the sun setting in the background.  Hopefully, this time next week, we will be getting up to take Savvy on a walking tour of downtown Helena.

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