Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Instagram Challenge Day 9 and Mid-week Update

Originally, I was going to take a picture of the Chinese Beef and Broccoli from the 5 freezer bag meals I made.  I forgot.  So instead my instagram picture is a picture of a picture of chicken and dumplings made with my mom's recipe.  Here is my RSL (Radical Self Love) Meal - 

And to play catch up - 

I have made two of the 5 freezer bag meals, the Creamy Italian Chicken and the Chinese Beef and Broccoli.  My opinion (and Texter's) - they are not the best things we have ever eaten, but they're not bad.  The Creamy Italian Chicken needs water added to it in order to make more of a sauce.  That would help it.  I also found, cooking it for 8 hours is probably a couple of hours too long.  My chicken, even in chunks, got a bit dry.

The Chinese Beef and Broccoli disintegrated after 8 hours in the slow cooker.  And we did add the broccoli much later (about an hour before we finished cooking).  My strips of beef turned into tiny shredded beef.  Once again, not great, but for convenience it was ok.

Updates in other areas - 

Tour de France and Knitting - lots of watching, little knitting.  I have only added about 100 rows in 4 days of viewing.  Need to up my game a bit.

Cookbook - I put it on the back burner with plans for Savvy coming to Montana.  But plan on getting back on course.

Garden - With the warm temperatures keeping Texter and I in front of the fan in the afternoon (no AC), the tomatoes are loving it. 

These are my scarlet runner beans I'm growing.  I was hoping for a better showing, with them growing up the balcony.  They better get busy or the frost will get them in a couple of months.

My garden inspector.  She is looking for the tags in the pots so she can remove them. 

My Juliet grape tomatoes.  They are all coming along, what I think is slowly.  However, people familiar with Montana growing think they are doing great.  We'll see.

Trip to Arizona to pick up Savvy - 3 weeks to go!  I need to clean out the car and vacuum before I leave.

So there it is, my challenge of the day and other things going on in my life to date.  Now I need to go watch the TDF and finish organizing that pile of paperwork.

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