Sunday, July 20, 2014

Symphony Under the Stars Out of this World

WARNING:  Two videos and lots of pictures!  The two videos are not the best due to the wind, crowd noise and being hand-held.  

First off I need to tell a dirty secret or two.  I hate crowds.  A few select friends, fine.  But crowds annoy me.  Mainly because they won't behave like I think they should and just stay out of my way.  And then there is the getting there and back, cars everywhere and people driving like jerks.   That said, when I found out about the symphony at the local college being outside I couldn't resist.  See, I made myself a promise when I moved to Montana to be a bit more 'social' and this fit the bill.  Mainly because I could WALK there and not have to put up with drivers.  Also, I now have Lady K to think about and 'socialize'.

This is just part of the crowds there.  They expected 15,000 to show up and I think they were right.  One good this is that while the concert was free, they did ask for donations to our local food bank.  They collected 15,000 pounds of canned goods which met and exceeded previous goals.

Lady K and I went up Saturday morning to put out our blanket.  We were several hours too late it seems.  All the spots on the hillside were claimed Friday night (now we know), but we were able to find a spot right on the front, just a bit to the side of the stage to squeeze our blanket in.  Only problem is that it was a main thoroughfare, so lots of traffic all through the concert (and why can't people SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!)

And to make this unpredictable, we have been having several days of really bad smoke haze in Helena from the wildfires in Washington and Oregon.  I mean like can't see the hills and I know I have had really bad headaches.  A couple of co-workers are on meds and inhalers because of it.  But as the concert drew closer, the winds came in and blew a lot of the haze away, so it was quite lovely outside.

It took someone a few minutes to scope out the situation and then get into the mood.  This is my party girl!

Texter and friend, B, spent most of the evening following Lady K around the grounds.  She wanted to experience it all!  Texter, I'm sure, was hoping she would sit and chill, so mommy could listen to the orchestra.  Texter wants to join and play trumpet. 

The orchestra on stage.  And I learned a secret about one of my co-workers!

Someone didn't let a little thing like being a stranger stop her.  She flirted and played with the people on one side of us.  She got chips and giggles.  Maybe I should have played and flirted and gotten some of their wine.  I know better for next year.

There were some 'older' girls (5-7 years old) up and dancing just over from us.   Someone was intrigued and watching very closely.

Did I mention the theme was DISNEY?  Oh, sorry about that.  Yep, that was the real draw, the whole concert was Disney tunes from their movies.  Savvy is two weeks late getting here for it as she is my Disney girl.  So part of going was to be there in spirit for her.  Of course, if she was there then she would have probably been arrested for telling people to sit down and shut up.  And singing along.

Anyway, one of the first songs they played was "Colors of the Wind" from Pocahontas.  It is one of my favorite songs from the movies.  It was just as the sun was going down and has it was playing I noticed two birds (probably seagulls) overhead.  It just blended so perfectly with the song.

At the intermission, we were close to sunset and darkness.  We did have some lovely views of the sun going down.

There were two ladies sitting behind us which were part of the chorus for the performance.  They broke out glow sticks when it got dark and Lady K felt it was her duty to investigate.  After all, other people had them too.  Soon they were all playing with the glow sticks.  It was magic to Lady K. 

Somehow, with darkness, even the stage became more magical and exciting.  AND IF PEOPLE WOULD SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!

And I discovered something about a co-worker, he plays in the symphony.  Even someone who has worked with him for years wasn't aware of this.  But see the lady in the brown?  Just at her right shoulder is a gentleman playing bass cello.  That's my co-worker!  I feel so 'cultured' now, I know someone who plays in the orchestra.

The final segment was tailored to Savvy and I.  The clip is long (about 11 minutes), but it does include the fireworks at the end.  The focus does go in and out during the filming, but it was totally dark (about 10:15 pm) and I am lucky it came out as well as it did.  The songs for this finale were from "Beauty and the Beast", our favorite.  I really, really wish she could have been here.

I did learn a few things from this experience.....

1.  Walking there was the bomb!
2.  Put out my blanket the night before.
3.  Take food and drinks.
4.  Come earlier.

I can't wait for next year.

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  1. Maybe I'll brave it next year, although the baseball game was a lot of fun and we kept hearing bits of the music. Glad the wind was blowing the correct way.


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