Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Changing Tack

It's been almost 2 years since I started this project.  I/We had this great idea to make flannel blocks for Lady K with the alphabet on it.  I got to the point where all the letters and numbers were sewn on and the blocks ready to be stitched up and stuffed.

So I have a shoe box full of 'T' shaped flannel pieces.  And reality of a two year old and toys and time and small apartment has hit.  There is NO WAY I am wanting to clean up all these flannel blocks off the floor of the living room.  Or put them in a closet and pull them out only every now and then for her to play with for just another year or so.

Thus, I have changed tactics with it.  Texter is going to unpick the 'arms' of the T so that I have strips to work with.  They will then be resown into a quilt top.  I still have tons of flannel I bought on sale at Joann's to fill in, make the border and backing for the quilt (and still have some left over).  I figure, once unpicked, I will only take a couple of hours to then stitch everything back together on the machine.  I will then figure out the binding and backing and will probably hand tie at the corner of the blocks.

Like many things in life, often you have to change your course of action because what you originally planned just isn't working.

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