Sunday, May 31, 2015

Week In Review

This is how I am feeling this morning.  That's because yesterday I was out in this...

A long hike, the return half of which was spent walking in the rain.  At least it wasn't terribly cold or windy.

But I did discover something about myself during the hike.  I was out there doing it.  Yep, something that simple.  I was out there, not sitting at home.  Since most of my other activities involve sitting, being out walking and scrambling up muddy paths and over swollen streams was the other end of the spectrum for me.  And I was doing an acceptable job of keeping up with people much younger than myself. And yes, today, I am paying for it.  The 9.5 mile hike has left me sore and stiff this morning.  So there will be a lot of stretching exercises between naps today.  

This is my fitbit chart from yesterday.  I don't have many 'moderate' bars on a given day, but the four green 'intense' bars really thrill me.  I was out there huffing and puffing, but doing it.  Even if my big girl panties were slowly heading south in the rain.

Funny thing was part of the hike was spent thinking about the sewing projects I am currently involved in and those upcoming.  Of course, I didn't find out about a geocache on the trail until this morning.  In order to find it, I have to make the hike again.  Thinking about that one.

So for my week past, some of the things accomplished:
  • Finished up Miscon 29 and now awaiting Miscon 30
  • Finished two aprons as a quickie sewing refresher for a possible upcoming project
  • 3 books off my bedside table now
  • Saturday my mileage for the day was 11.11, my weekly total was 26.38 miles or 57,685 steps
  • Wrote 7 posts 
Today is a toss-up.  I could go up to the local quilt show, but have no money to spend, so still thinking on that one.  Was originally thinking about walking up there, thinking about that too.  Have a friend coming over the fabric to help her make a quickie costume.  And hopefully she will bring the t-shirts she wants made into a quilt top with her too.

So off to get another cup of coffee....slowly.

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