Sunday, May 10, 2015

Week In Review - On the Hook

Yes, I am STILL knitting on the Dr. Who scarf.  But it's boring and I'm only about 1/3 of the way through.  But I am plugging away.  Right now I am stuck on a series of 56 rows in one color.  Very, very boring.

So I have something on my crochet hook.  I located this pattern a few months ago and then rediscovered it a week or so ago and decided to work on it.  From Dedri at Look At What I Made, it's the Sophie's Universe afghan.

I didn't get all the tons of colors (in the expensive yarns).  I went with 9 colors in Red Heart's With Love line.  I think it will give me all the contrast and brightness I need for under $30.  And since I am doing this in worsted weight yarn, it's going to be about 6 feet by 6 feet when finished!  If only I could convince the dogs not to get on the bed!

Since I am starting months late for the CAL, I am currently on section 3 of the pattern.  Tons of interesting stitches and designs going on and changing colors almost every round.  I have the complete series of Babylon 5, with all the movies and extras, to watch.  So this is my nighttime, relaxing (sometimes) activity.  Hopefully, I will have pictures of 'Sophie' and 'Dr. Who' this week to share.

My little hiker.  Lady K is learning, at 2, the way of the trail.  We went out Friday morning to recon a trail I was leading a hike on with the group on Saturday morning.  She immediately selected a couple of sticks and was using them for 'walking' and stirring elk poop.  Because that's what you do, right?

I was glad even though the vast majority of wildflowers still had yet to emerge and bloom (about another month), there was still a pretty good selection out there.  The hike, at least in my opinion, went well.  It was short and sweet and a saunter, just like I promised.  And I forced people, who are usually all about the distance at times, to stop and slow down and look at the little things right beneath their feet.

Actually, this week was not a great one for me.  I feel 'tested', testy and peeved with the world, which is a good reason to have gotten out a couple of mornings and walked.  Hopefully, my attitude will be adjusted.  I feel like this past week was all about finding out the 'bad' and not the 'good'.  So DEEP BREATH, close eyes, BREATHE, relax and shake it off.

Otherwise, this week...
  • Took Texter for her advising for college and have her schedule for school in August
  • Read 1 book and abandoned 2
  • Walked 49,732 steps or 21.73 miles (missed 10,000 miles one day by 13 steps!)
  • Received a wonderful Mother's Day present from Savvy 
  • Finally got an annotated copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
  • Attended a health benefits meeting to see how I (and Texter) can get the bonus dollars this year
The coming week will see...
  • Texter's birthday (22 years old)
  • Art walk Friday night
So this morning, Mother's Day, the house is still quiet and my plans involve only taking Savvy to/from work, picking up a gallon of milk and bread, then coming home and watching "Babylon 5" all day and knitting and crocheting, alternating between 'Sophie' and 'Dr. Who'.  I might be stirred at some point in the day to go out and take pictures of them and to help Lady K plant some radishes.


  1. I have BBylin 5 on my list. Right now I'm working my way through the Stargate Atlantis series. :)


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