Saturday, May 16, 2015

New Fabrics and Plans

You see, I have this problem.  When I start a project, I have to 'go big, or go home'.  When I learned to knit, I couldn't be satisfied with a nice little scarf or potholder.  No, I was doing cables and 10 different colors at one time.  The Dr. Who scarf, simple, but will ultimately be 16 feet long.  My crochet project, it's not just a few granny squares. When I decided to do cross stitch, could I be satisfied with a nice little cross stitch sampler on the wall.  Nope!  It had to be huge, with about 100 different colors of threads, half of which were blended. (To non-needleworkers, that means you combine 2 different threads to make a 'new' thread color.)  If I couldn't throw in specialty stitches, pulled thread work - well, what's the point?

Quilting.  Could I be happy with just a nice little 9 patch lap throw.  NOT ON YOUR LIFE!

You see, I wanted to do some hand piecing since that is easy enough to do with Lady K running around.  Setting up my sewing machine, I could do for a day, but isn't feasible in the long run.  So I asked a friend what I could do besides 'hexies' (which I have a box of them started, by the way).  And she pointed me in this direction.

OMG!  Mandalas, kaleidoscopes and fabric all combined into one HUGE quilt.  

So I am now impatiently awaiting my book to arrive.  I have purchased the first bit of fabric I have bought in about a year.  I have 'ideas' for the quilt (which can be dangerous for me).  I cleaned out and reorganized my closet so I can see what other projects I have to work on.  And in the cleaning, found more 'uncommitted' fabric which does seem like it will work with what I purchased.

So today (Saturday) I plan to clean out and reorganize the front closet and attempt to enter Savvy's closet where the majority of my sewing stuff is stored, looking for needles and thread.  This really will be a needle in the haystack sort of search!  And then maybe a little hexie and Millefiori play.  And taking some pictures of the fabrics I've selected so far to tease the friend who talked me into this project.  After all, what else do you do on a rainy Saturday?

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