Sunday, May 03, 2015

Week In Review - International Migratory Bird Festival

The highlight of the week was yesterday (Saturday) at the International Migratory Bird Festival.  Since we had to drop off Savvy at work, we had on out there and arrived as they were setting up.  This little fellow was there to greet us.

As we waited for the event to really open, I spoke to a couple of bird watchers and had a chance to look through a binocular setup which cost more than my car.  (Which says a lot about the value of my car.)  But I had a chance to see a common loon.  I wish they had been closer for a picture, but all I got was a little black and white blur.

I did get my 'swallow' identified for me.  It's a tree swallow.

However, I did get these pictures to show how beautiful the day was shaping up to be.  Who wouldn't want to be out here.  For once the lake was calm, though the wind did pick up later in the morning.

Texter and Lady K were enjoying the day with the birds too.  There was an owl brought out, which Lady K knew exactly what it was and what owls 'say'.

We decorated and ate on a bird cookie.

We flapped our wings like a bird and 'flew' down the road.

We helped Mommy color a bird mask.

We 'jumped' from stump to stump around the parking area.

And we hung 'apple down' while Mommy tried to avoid getting kicked in the face.

After the bird festival (where I saw an old co-worker from the library who was volunteering), we drove on up to the Sapphire Mine.  We bought a bag of 'dirt' home with us.  Takes us back to when Texter and Savvy were little and we brought home bags of dirt and panned for gemstones. On our way out, we did see this little guy.

A mountain bluebird. No red patch on the front for him, just bright blue and a bit of white.  Texter is becoming quite a cameraman for me on our drives. And a bit of a birdwatcher too.  She catches them for me since I am still the only driver around.

The rest of the day was devoted to gardening and right now our entrance balcony is full of plants!  Pictures later in the week and a more detailed description.  We visited Valley Farms Nursery which is just up the road from us (and I didn't know it!).  So lots of bags of potting soil later, we have a great start to a garden.  Now if I can only remember what is what as Lady K thinks the plant tags are for collecting out of the pots, not leaving in.

  • walked 48,350 steps or 22.13 miles
  • finished reading 8 books
  • took my vitamins on 3 days (sigh)
  • when to the doctor for the 'word' on my blood work and what I need to do
  • walked downtown Helena for First Friday (bit of a disappointment)

This week sees Texter's advising appointment for college (huzzah!) and a writing group meeting.  Lots of nice weather (hopefully) to spur my 'garden' along.  We still need to plant some carrots and radishes with Lady K. 

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