Friday, May 08, 2015

Mother's Day Bombs!

No, this isn't about terrible Mother's Day Presents.  It's about the bath bombs Savvy gifted me as an early Mother's Day present.  

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Lush makes products which are handmade, ingredients are well sourced, no animal testing and part of the proceeds go to charities.  In other words, it's not just pretty stuff.

While I didn't take a picture of this, the first 'bomb' I used was the Phoenix Rising.  I have a special place in my heart for the phoenix (long story).  What was funny was three women crowding into the bath room to watch this fizz.

photo courtesy of

It fizzed around the tub, changing from gold to purple.  The final result was a bathroom full of a great scent and the water...well, it was like taking a bath in a tub of warm, purple koolaid.  Great, but a bit odd.

So last night (this week has been a bear on several levels), I used a second one.  This one is Twilight. 

The bottom picture is more representative of the colors.  But it bubbles and swirls and looks like something I saw at Yellowstone!  The final result, which I didn't take a picture of, is bathroom that is a light purple, just like the sky at twilight!  And the bathroom smells wonderful.  The water had tiny, tiny flecks of silver in it.  It truly was like looking at the sky at twilight.

The bombs are about the size of a soft ball - in other words - HUGE.  They are so wonderful, I feel guilty about using them for myself.  I feel I need to invite several people over and we can take turns in the tub.

So last night was a relaxing soak in a warm (ok, for my taste, hot) tub, reading Traveling to Infinity by Jane Hawking.  Seems fitting I would be reading about the universe while seated in a tub of Twilight.

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