Friday, May 22, 2015

More Fabric and La Passacaglia

As you are reading this, I am either on the road to Missoula for MisCon 29 or have arrived and am enjoying people watching and writing panels.  But before I left, I did make a bit of a dent in my wallet gathering some fabrics for La Passacaglia.  The above I needed for the ring around my center rosette.  I wanted something to pull out the green and salmon of the center.  

I added the batik to complement and to transition onto the outer rings.  Besides, who can pass up a lovely batik?

I purchased some red/black combinations to go with my other black and white whole centers.  This was before a friend offered to let me go through her stash.  I really, really don't think she understands the implications of that move!  But I can see a rosette forming in my mind from the upper most piece and transitioning into some of my black and whites.

And because I am taking some handwork with me to MisCon (just in case I have some down time), this little packet of precuts hopped in my bag.  So now I have some hexies to work on too.

I will report in with happenings at MisCon and progress on my hexies and La Passacaglia as I can over the next four days.

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