Sunday, May 24, 2015

Week In Review - Garden Status

Since I will be up and on my way to Missoula for day 3 of MisCon 29, I created this post in advance. I won't have time until Monday or Tuesday to sit down and create a post again.  Then it will be about MisCon in some form or fashion, I am sure.

We had a week to 10 days recently of gray, overcast skies.  This really odd, I have found, for Montana.  Last Tuesday the sun decided to pay us a visit again and boy, was it welcome.  Walking pass my plants I could almost hear them singing, like a Disney commercial.  So here is a pictorial update...

My 'portable' herb garden is doing great.  The parsley actually needs some trimming.  I will probably clip and just put in the freezer.  The sage is really leggy, so I will trim that back and dry it.  Or create a small smug wand.

My lemon balm, apple mint and chocolate mint are doing great.  Hopefully, I can move them inside for the winter and keep them going.  That depends on cooperation from 2 and 4 legged creatures.

Texter's pot of snapdragons (and a lone pansy) are finally starting to do a little growing.  I can't wait to see them all up and flowering.

The black snapdragons are perking up also.  And the sweet potato vine really pops against the dark foliage.  If you can see it, right above the bottom right plant, is a little pair of leaves.  The watermelon radishes I sprinkled in the pots are starting to come up.

Baby broccoli and dill.  And a few radishes also.

I really need to get out and harvest some lettuce.  A nice salad in the works.  Fresh lettuce, a bit of apple and walnuts.  A bit of crumbly cheese and a nice fruity vinaigrette.

The delphiniums are definitely the star of the porch right now.  The center flower is starting to fade, but several flower stalks are ready to open all around it. 

The orange and yellow dahlia is going nicely.  The yellow pansies at her feet are starting to bloom also.

And one of my favorites, baby tomatoes!  This is on the Sunsugar yellow cherry tomato.  As you can see, tons of blooms already and 2 babies.

They get the sun from about 5:30 am (or basically when the sun comes up) until about 3-4 in the afternoon.

The spinach is going well and hopefully the baby eggplant in the middle of the spinach will start growing with the sun out now.  The bell peppers are all flowering and looks like one is setting fruit.  They are really begging for warmer days.

So my garden is growing well.  I am happy with the progress for the end of May in Montana.  Of course, I will soon have to be tying the tomatoes to the porch railing and at times you can barely squeeze by, especially if you have bags of groceries.  But we will cope for the next few months.


  1. I love the variety of plants and flowers you have and truly enjoyed the beautiful pictures. It sounds like you will have lots of wonderful things to eat this summer.

  2. Nothing like growing your own herbs and tomatoes!

  3. Judy! Beautiful! I can smell that mint! YUM! Wishing you well! xo adrea

  4. Lovely post - You must have the proverbial green thumb.

  5. Oh what a delightful garden. I haven't seen snapdragons in quite some time - now you've got me wanting to add some to my garden. I'd love to join you for a salad from your boxes - everything looks delicious!

  6. Love that you combine all good things that grow. Beautiful garden! Thanks for the lovely photos.

  7. Just wonderful!! What an adventure to journey through what you're growing! It's inspiring me to consider more edibles. A portable herb garden is brilliant! Thank you for the inspiration and for being a part of the Garden Hop!

  8. What a delicious garden! Thanks for the tour!


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