Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Evening Routine

There is a lot out there about setting a morning routine...Miracle Morning is a great one and I have established a pretty good morning routine and it seems to be sticking with me.  (I do have the Level 10 Life chart completed and some items to-do, but I can't locate what I did with it!)

I do have a couple of tiny things I'm adding to my morning routine which includes drawing a card (either tarot or goddess) to see how it matches up with my day or setting an intention for the day.

So now, it's time for an evening routine and I have already decided a couple of things I want to do. 

  • To over my planner, updating the tracker, making a gratitude note and noting what is coming up the next day.
  • Then 'unplugging'
  • Alternating walking and yoga.  I have the flexibility of a board and want to 'fix' that.  Not looking to becoming Pretzel Woman, but just to be able to get up off the floor without looking like an elephant getting up.
  • Paired with this, either a yoga nidra or meditation period
  • A 'walk-through' the house to pick up clutter (Texter and Lady K will be assisting on this one!)
  • Some reading time

Right now I think it will be something like this...

  1. Pick-up
  2. Planner review and taking vitamins if I didn't take earlier in the day
  3. Unplugging
  4. Yoga or walking (ok, I will be using DVD for the yoga, so not totally unplugged)
  5. Reading (with tea or hot chocolate)
  6. Nidra or meditation
  7. Bed (and hopefully a few hours of sleep)

This way, I will 'bookend' my days - a morning and an evening routine.  Will have to see how it goes, especially number 4!

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