Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Two New Books!

I enjoy reading other people's recommendation on books, especially books about writing.  I have started following Burgess Taylor and she had a post and video about writing books.  I watched the video and noted a couple of books I wanted.

Then, last week, I was at Barnes and Noble, and found this...

This book is just fantastic, if for nothing else the artwork!

I have only made it through the first few pages, mainly because I want to savor it.  Really, really enjoy every page and suck in all the lusciousness. This will be a book I thumb through often and can't wait to make my way through it.

The other book is...

Ok, there are some giggles going on out there from friends who started laughing at the first word.  I have become a bit of an 'organizing and planning' fool over the past few months.

This is something I really, really wanted to find something out about.  I have had for decades (God, that hurts to put it that way) a desire to have a complete family history.  My mother's line, for example, is completely unknown to me.  And I want to add the Hudgins side of the family, so my daughters can have it.  And now, for Lady K, her father's side of the family.

I plowed through this book in about 24 hours.  Much of what Smith says applies to a lot of different areas of my planning/organizing life. But he does tell you to 'break it down'!  Duh! How could I have forgotten that principle?

So I am going to do a couple of things in the coming year genealogy related.  One is to document my 8 great-grandparents, to give myself a foundation to work from.  The second, and most important one, is to trace my mother's family line.  

The only problem I have with Smith's book is he is really an electronic maven.  He wants you off paper and onto digital.  It makes sense on one hand, but I really, really love paper!  I will have to see how I can merge the two methods and have it work for me.

Now onto the huge pile of yoga books....

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