Friday, November 11, 2016

Picking Up and Moving On!

Ok, I'll admit it. I stayed up late on Tuesday and went to bed not know the election results.  At about 3 a.m. Wednesday morning, I checked my phone and wanted to crawl under the covers, never to emerge.


Live goes on. The sun still rises in the east and sets in the west.  And I have things to do.  Or so Lady K informs me.

To backtrack a bit.  

Tuesday morning, three of us met at Starbucks for some planning and plotting.  Plotting sounds so much more fun that 'organizing'.

One of my friends, Ms. Oklahoma (she lived there for many, many years before relocating to Montana), is embarking on a new career in real estate.  We walked through setting up a schedule for study in the morning and crafting in the afternoon (she also has an Etsy shop) and I prompted her to get her home office all geared up and ready to go, making it pleasant and inviting.

She went home and on Wednesday I got a picture of her new 'office' and she is excited to get going!  After a quick visit to see the new grand baby, she'll be back, all ready to go.

We also set up dates for a monthly "Stitch and Bitch", a chance for us all to get together, work on our projects and reconnect.  I can't wait.  Years ago I faithfully attended a weekly needlework group and it was so much fun.  We solved the problems of the world and stitched away on our projects.

And a Christmas cookie exchange/potluck dinner is in the works!

Speaking of projects...

I have started revamping my sewing corner (which also seems to be the catch-all corner).  I have one small project to get out of the way (my Bee Hive blocks) for October and November and soon, December) and then it's onto my projects for completion in 2017.

I have five quilts, either with small starts or all the stuff to make the damn things, sitting in boxes.  In 2017 I am going to finish them.  Texter will get the Fancy Fox by Elizabeth Hartman.  I already have a couple of blocks made and a lot of scraps pulled and cut for the foxes.  Savvy will get The Kittens, also by Elizabeth Hartman.  Have some scraps pulled for the kittens and Tula Pink Elizabeth will be the backing!  CJ will get a chevron pattern out of old shirts, mainly in blues and whites.  I'll probably back it with a flannel, making it nice and cozy.  Lady K will get an Owl quilt (will have to look up the pattern later) and I am going to finish up, for myself, the "Joy" quilt which was a BOM back a couple of years ago at my LQS which I started and never finished.

I am allotting two months per quilt to get the tops done and will probably send them out for quilting.  That remains to be seen.

For a break from sewing, I need to finish up TMNT afghan (or bed cover, it's large enough) hopefully by Christmas.  Then I will hop over to Sophie's Choice, started but not finished, and get that done, once again allotting two months for completion.  Then I will sort through and start/finish other knitting and crochet projects.

On the writing end....gather up all my bits and pieces, ideas and such, and creating a master notebook.  Then picking one story (and they've all seemed to have evolved into trilogies) and put my nose to the grindstone on it, finishing it up.

I am really excited about next year, regardless of who will be in the White House.  I figure if I keep my head down and focused on what I can control, then a lot of the stress will be off me.  Did I mention starting a home yoga and meditation practice.  I am so not bendy!

But for now, off to get ready for work!

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  1. A monthly social crafting get-together sounds excellent- I think we all need that support, in life and in finishing the hundred craft projects we start. Keep that excitement about next year going! Others of us need it. ;)


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