Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I Know, I Know...

...it's not even past Thanksgiving yet and I'm decorating for Christmas!  Actually, I am holding on with both hands not to push the button on my iPad which has my Christmas music playlist.

The past couple of years, Texter and Lady K have been out of town during Christmas and I really haven't felt the 'mood'.  Basically, I pretty much have a Grinch outlook (early Grinch) toward the holidays, anyway. But we have a cookie exchange planned already and I actually have Texter's gift purchased and hidden away, so I am getting in the mood. (I won't mention the almost two pounds of holiday candy I brought home from the Parrot on Saturday!)

I had been looking for a way to use my little polaroid to record Christmas and take a picture a day and put in my journal/planner for December and this popped up...

A Month of Remembering with Susannah Conway! What a great way to remember the month of December.

And it came at just the right time. I wanted to have some 'fun' at work during the holidays and asked if I could decorate one of the ball caps we sell.  Given the go-ahead, I picked a maroon hat and headed to the dollar store.  A couple of sprays of holiday flowers, some red jingle bells and little LED lights came home with me. Along with some garland and snow flakes for the Staff Picks shelf I maintain.


Texter worked her magic while I sewed on a baby quilt for a gift for her to give at a baby shower.

While it won't stand up to a windstorm, I think it will be a fun thing to wear during the holidays and hopefully create some smiles and laughter from our patrons. Maybe I can get my co-workers to join in!

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  1. Ahahaha! I love it- you'll be a walking Christmas Cheer wearing that. :D


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