Sunday, May 18, 2014

Holter Lake

Friday night's sunset was wonderful.  One of the advantages of a west-facing balcony is you get a front row seat - literally - for great sunsets.

Texter and Lady K had been gone for a couple of days at this point, staying with a friend.  She called Saturday afternoon early to let me know they were going for a boat ride around Holter Lake and wanted to know if I wanted to go.  Faster than a speeding bullet, I was in the car and on my way.

Holter Lake is about 40 miles away from Helena on the way to Great Falls.  I have passed one of the camping areas numerous times on my way to/from Great Falls.  Lady K was all for the boat ride.  She is going to be a roller coaster riding kid!  She was on the boat and acting like she had done it forever.

But the scenery on the lake is fantastic!

From where we left at one end of the lake, we went from a large, open area into a 'canyon' area.  The lake twists and turns back on itself several times.  What I really wasn't aware of was that the lake lies at the end of the Sleeping Giant and 'dead-ends' into the Gates of the Mountain.  So I got to see Gates of the Mountain by entering from the back side and then back through again.

When seen from the 'front', it looks like a solid piece of rock in front of you.  But then as you move closer you can see where it opens up onto the main part of the lake.  Lewis and Clark named this area and it is easy to see why.

One thing I really liked about the whole Holter Lake area, is that along the length of it, there are several places you can stop and camp and they have basic toilet facilities.  And the fishing is suppose to be really good.  I am trying to wrangle my way into a fishing trip.  I've never fished for walleye or trout before.

The whole length of the lake was really clean and lovely.  It would be great to stop somewhere along the shoreline and camp for a night or two.  Can't wait to go back.  (The wildlife, i.e. mainly birds, will be highlighted in my next post.)

But we had to hurry back to the boat ramp, out running the rain.  Lady K was so tired by her time on the water, she napped all the way back in the speeding boat.  Shows how concerned she was by a boat ride.

On the way home, with the rain behind up and to our left all the way back, we were treated to this sight...

A double rainbow.  We could actually see the entire arc of the rainbow.  This side was in the rain and the other side was in the light.  Texter was taking a ton of shots on her phone and this one is from my phone.  Unfortunately, both our cameras were in the back of the car.  

A lovely ending to a lovely day!

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