Monday, May 05, 2014

Springtime Creativity

Sunday started out a bit drizzly, which pretty much matched my mood.  There is still rain in the forecast for the next few days.  I decided to play a bit and take a moment to be creative for ME rather than for a homework project before I suited up and headed for work.

I love the original picture and came up with this.  Still want to work on it a bit.

Like this.  I really want to work on having the original picture show through on part of it, so it might be reworked or redone shortly.

"Cat-itude" to the max.  This is one of the four cats that run around Tizer cats.  Or rather, that allow you to run around the gardens.

Getting there with the picture transformations.  I have the summer to play with these.  Actually, I might take my mandalas and do a little bit of layering also.  HHHHMMMMM....interesting idea, but now I have to go to work and will play when I get back.

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