Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lady K Photoplay

I actually got up this morning planning on doing a post about the picnic Lady K and I had at Tizer Botanical Gardens on Saturday.  But then I got to 'playing' and created these from the pictures I took. (Actually, I did them in between finding my keys Lady K found and ran off with and picking up the pens and markers she threw out of my desk drawer.)

The above is a couple of techniques I have tried before.  This time I combined them together.  At Tizer they have a couple of carved, wooden bears which hide the sprinklers.  Actually, I erased the sprinkler here with Photoshop (just like the models erase pounds and years!).
This one is utilizing a film strip template downloaded from  I then placed images of Lady K in there, converting to black and white and adding some graininess to them to make them a little bit more vintage looking.

This one, once again courtesy of  He provided the 'actions' to be used in Photoshop, I supplied the picture to make this look like a photo album page.

There are some more videos I want to play with today, but they will have to wait until after work!

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