Saturday, May 17, 2014

Yellow Warbler?

This jaunty fellow was trilling away on my hike in Trout Creek Canyon.  And I think it might be a Yellow Warbler, but not sure.  Birds should come with visible id's!  Or at least come closer so that I can get a better picture so I can better identify it when I get home and pull out my Birds of Montana and Sibley's.

However, I do know this one.

This is a large raven who had established a territory along the path and was very disgruntled we had intruded and interrupted his meal he had down the slope a bit.  Until you see them really close, it's hard to imagine how big a raven actually is.

But I would have loved to see who had built this little jewel.  I know it was probably last year's nest, but I would liked to have seen who called this home.

There was a nest I really DIDN'T want to come in contact with.  Luckily, it was well off the path.

Finally, something else winged and out and about.  I think it is a Mourning Cloak.

During the hike I heard a woodpecker.  I am ready for another hike on Trout Creek to add to my bird and beast count.

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