Tuesday, May 06, 2014

New Birds Sighted

It's just me.  But have developed this 'thing' about my birding.  I really have to be able to take a picture of the bird to make it 'count'.  Just a little tic on my part, I know.  That being said, I can say that on Saturday I saw a....

Clark's Nutcracker....

About the size of a robin and they are plentiful up around Tizer Gardens.  I have seen them before, but got my first picture of one.

But the real 'jewel' on Saturday was this guy....

A Steller's Jay.  Actually there was a pair of them.  About twice the size of the Blue Jay I am use to from further east, this guy has a cute, black crest.  I didn't have to actually see them at first to know they were there, because they set up a fuss when I got into the rose garden to start pruning.  Apparently, that is 'their' territory.  They were hanging around the feeders and I can see it wouldn't take much for them to become 'pets' and really pester for handouts.

I was also fortunate to see a "Dipper" or American Dipper.  No picture - yet!  I know where they hang out now, so on my next visit I will be stalking them.  But so cute to watch.  They hang out by the stream and 'bob' up and down.  That's what caught my eye initially.  And then they hop into the water (which is moving at a good clip) and going completely under, feed.  Very nondescript, grayish, but fun to watch.

And then I have an unidentified bird for me.

Working on getting a name for this one.  Not exactly sure what it is.

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