Sunday, May 04, 2014

Spring is "Springing"

Spring may be springing, but I'm just not 'springing' along with it.  Two weeks of sinus issues, sore throat, cough and I know it's mainly because I don't know Montana pollen yet.  But I will overcome!

In the meantime, Mother Nature is cruising right along, despite temperatures ranging from the 40's to the 70's in a matter of hours at times.  But she is painting with a vivid hue...

The trees are leaving out (which is a major part of my problem these days, I fear).  But the flowers are coming up and out.

Buttercups abound on a small slope.

Primroses.  Usually not grown much in North Carolina because it gets too hot for them too quickly.

Forget the name of these.  Think it is lungwort.

Clump of yellow crocus telling us spring is here.  I just love their little daintiness. 

Also a crocus, but a native one.  They are 'fuzzy' which I hadn't seen before in a crocus.  Lovely wine red color.

An ornamental rhubarb.  Will have huge leaves in the summer.

The river runs right through springtime!

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