Thursday, May 08, 2014

More "Playing"

With the new apartment being so small, getting the sewing machine out is going to be interesting to say the least.  There is room for it, but little hands are now on their feet, so to speak, and into everything they can grasp.  Also, school just ended and I'm getting my breath back before I sit down again to sew.

In the meantime, I have been unleashing my creativity with some more Photoshop play.  I have been looking at taking pictures through a series of layers and masks to come up with some interesting artwork.  But then I had the idea of what if I took one of my mandalas and took it through the same series of layers I am using on a single picture?

So this is the original mandala I had created from a picture of a thistle.  I love the purple and greens.

And this is taking it through the process with the layers and masks applied.  I love how the purple thistles came out.  I am so loving it.  This process kept me up past my bedtime the other night.  As much as I love the original of just the picture, I really like the look of this one.


Another mandala taken through the same series of steps.  I like it, but not as fond of it as the thistle.

And this one I just did a watercolor overlay on the original mandala.  It's really hard to see in these pictures all the detail that comes up.  Now I am really going to have to get busy and see about printing and selling my work (I think).  

I can see where my summer is going to be spent when not in front of the sewing machine or in the garden.  

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