Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tizer Panorama

Right now I am in one of those really crabby moods you get into when you go to pay bills, especially when paying online, and everything is just wonky and doesn't work.  What you thought would be an easy (labor-wise, not pocketbook-wise) job, turns into hair-pulling aggravation.  And at the end you realize you still don't have any money!

So I had put together this panorama from Tizer photos I took on Saturday and decided I needed to 'zen-out' a bit and breath.  Or as Savvy would say "calm your tits".

I am standing at the top of a slight slope down into the garden area.  This is at the entrance to the gardens.  In another month or so, I'll do it again so you can see the garden at full bloom. 

Now to go tackle getting paint chips to match colors for a scarf and find yarn and buy a few groceries for the weekend.  Then I'm coming home and hiding in my room, watching a DVD of "Rosemary and Thyme" (a show out of Great Britain) and knitting.

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  1. Hope the rest of your day is as wonderful as your picture!


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