Friday, May 09, 2014

On the "Gavtrain"

In my quest to continue learning and exploring this summer, I came across a tutorial by Gavin Hoey on adding a canvas-like texture to pictures.  The upside is that his video tutorial was very clear and easy to follow and produced great results.  The downside....he has just too much to learn on his site!

So this is what the outcome of watching his video was...

It's a little hard to see in this picture, but there is a 'canvas' texture and the picture looks more painted than just a photograph.

In the spirit on 'play', I also went on to do a couple of other pictures.

This is a thistle I did some 'work' on.  Once again, hard to see on the screen, but it looks much more painted than photograph.  I didn't do the texture in the background as I did on the one above.

And this is from the other day.  I think I am going to go back and replace the background on this with the texture from the 'gavtrain' tutorial.

So far, I am doing pretty good with my resolve to do at least one picture a day.  Which leads me to the task of organizing my pictures better.  I'm getting too many to comb through them like I do now.

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