Monday, January 31, 2011

Beautifully Colorful Sunday Afternoon

This is what ‘followed’ me home Sunday.

A lovely BLUE orchid!  I had the Orchid Open-House on my calendar for over a month now which was going to be at the Atlantic Avenue Orchid and Garden Center.  And much to my surprise when I got my reminder email, they had a picture of this wonderful, unique blue orchid.  I was in love.  I have been wanting a bright red one, but this one took over.
I had my day all planned out (based on the fact my scratching had subsided from my allergic reaction to Glade fabric freshener.)  Got there early and went into their orchid house and these were the views.

IMG_0174   and this….  IMG_0209 and still more of this….
IMG_0207  and yet more…. IMG_0208
And after a winter of colder than normal temperatures, the day was beautiful outside as well as in.  I was really pleased with the seminars.  They were quick and resourceful.  They had a great little buffet set up (hey, it’s about the food too!).  Signed up for their drawing and have all my fingers and toes crossed in anticipation.  I have already put on my calendar to keep an eye out for April when they have more classes on orchids.
This garden center, at least the orchid/tropical plant section, is really nice.  The people there are all so down to earth and friendly and ready to help and answer questions.  Even in the madness they were smiling and laughing and having a great time.  Places like this make it worth while to get out and shop local.
Enjoy a few of the stars of the show…….
orchid collage

Now when I look at my pile of schoolwork…..
DSCN1738   it doesn’t matter if I’m blue.


  1. g phenix3:29 PM

    Thanks for posting the pictures. It's an icy day here. The orchid pictures made me feel warmer. You've quite the artistic eye. Still can't believe I didn't know this side of you in high school.

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