Monday, January 03, 2011

Christmas Color

I received a Christmas gift from a friend and treated myself to some new orchids.


I set them up as a room divider rather than sticking them in a corner.  The plant on the left is not an orchid, but helped fill up the top of the shelf.

DSCN1536  This is my cattleya.  It was still in bud when I brought it home last week.  Now it looks like this.


And it is fragrant.  This is my first cattleya and my first fragrant one too.  I got a couple which were finishing up on their bloom time, but would give me an idea of what they looked like.

DSCN1537  And a red one.  I have always wanted a red orchid. DSCN1538

The fourth one seems to be a dark purple one and should know what it looks like in a few days.


So, new orchids.  They make me feel happy.

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