Thursday, January 06, 2011

Things You Can Learn From Your Kids – Kawaii Not

I consider myself fairly internet savvy.  In fact, I would rate myself at being above average in use and knowledge of the computer as a whole.  Even though I work on a computer all day, it is not the ‘same’ kind of computer as having access to the internet and my home computer.  Several of my co-workers would not think about coming home and sitting in front of the computer.  On the other hand, after 8 hours on the phone at work, I turn my phone off and refuse to answer it, while my co-workers are chatting away.
One thing I have picked up on over the years is to occasionally pick Savvy and Texter’s brains for interesting internet stuff.  Of course, when I find something I think is interesting, “Oh, I saw that ages ago on YouTube” is my usual response from them.  However, Savvy can usually make me smile with her gleanings of the web.  She recently picked up this book, you might call it, of cartoons.  They are all about 4 panels long and feature cute, whimsical figures…..with a really twisted meaning.  Enough to make you do a double take and giggle.
Called Kawaii Not, these adorable icons and cartoons are well worth keeping tabs on.  Created by Meghan Murphy, this illustrator has become a source of grins for me – and we can all use some grins during the day.  But without Savvy jumping on her book at the bookstore, I would never have known about her.  Savvy had a few dollars to spend at the store and knew Meghan’s smart cuteness was in actual print form and snapped it up.  I’m going to snap it away from her just so I can put on my desk and flip it daily to a new cartoon and a new giggle…..if I can.  Savvy doesn’t like it when I poach her things.
icon264_kawaiinot    The problem with Savvy getting the book however was that she insisted on ‘reading’ and showing it to me.  Not that that was the problem.  The problem was I was driving at the time and trying to read the cartoons as I was driving.  Not a smart thing to do.   Of course, it was even worse for her to sit there and snicker as we were going along and I couldn’t participate.  Darn that rush hour traffic! What I think I like about them is that they suck you in with their ‘cuteness’ and then you realize you are shaking your head in agreement with the caption.  They make you think!  I like that.
So it is profitable to keep tabs on what it ‘in’ and ‘out’ on the web.  I can tell you tons of ‘out’ stuff, but I relay on the girls for the ‘in’ stuff.  Now if they will only share when they first discover it instead of making me wait!

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