Friday, January 07, 2011

I Have Created a Monster!

While flipping through cooking magazines at the start of the holidays, Texter pointed out a recipe she thought she could live with (and I don’t know which one it was in-sorry).  It was for a quick, and yes, nutritious snack.  Looking at the ingredients, I calculated Savvy would enjoy also. 


Just four little ingredients, it has become a superstar hit with Savvy.  The ingredients are graham cracker, nutella, banana and toasted coconut.  As it happens, Savvy wanted a coconut cake for her birthday, so I had extra toasted coconut on hand.  Boy, is it good.  Just enough for a couple to hit the stop for something sweet.  Problem is, Savvy wants to make it a meal!

We have become, over the past couple of years, fans of nutella.  I just used it (and didn’t take pictures), in the non-cinnamon rolls I started making.  Oh, my goodness, were they great.  Now I found out there is a Nutella Day!  Guess I had better start getting busy on trying out some more recipes calling for this yummy spread.

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