Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Why I Can’t Exercise

After walking through the snow, huffing and puffing like crazy, I realized how out of shape I really am.  I have doubled my resolution to exercise and drop some pounds during the coming year.  Of course, Savvy is watching my salt intake, which makes me feel like a drug addict looking for a score at times.  I have to sneak salt.

However, this is the reason why I can’t get on the Wii and do the Wii Fitness routines.



Blaze can look at you, if disturbed, like he is going to come after you while you are asleep.   At about 20 pounds himself, I would hurt myself bending over to pick him up and move him.   Besides, if he moves, then I don’t have an excuse to not exercise. Stay, cat, stay.

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