Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sketchbook Challenge – Week 4

Well, I’m still hanging in there and still ‘creating’.  The everyday thing is sometimes tough.  This week has been bad because I have been a scratching or knock-out thing due to something I got into.  But I did do them all and am looking forward to February’s prompt.  Of course, I still have to get past the last couple of days of this month and I saved my toughest “highly prized” items until last.  But boy has it been fun.  I can feel myself getting just a little more comfortable with every thing I do.

schallenge21 January 22 – Trees – I love trees.  All kinds of trees.  Trees in the summer, in the winter, colorful fall trees, trees fuzzy in spring.  I love the texture of the bark and shape of the leaves.  I love the sound of the wind in the trees.  I love the fruit and nuts from trees.  I love trees!

January 23 – Quiet Mornings – Since most of my mornings are usually devoted to getting myself and Texter up, lunch packed, out to school and work, quiet mornings are prized.  I love the    schallenge23

sun coming through the window.  Actually, I love being up before the sun comes up and watching the day get started.  I am lucky in that my desk is by an east facing window, so I get the sun coming in and lighting up my little table by my desk where I put my books and coffee and plant.

schallenge24  January 24 – If there can be comfort food, then there has to be comfort clothes.  Those clothes which you can put on and all the cares drop away.  It doesn’t matter that they are unfashionable, baggy, misshapen.  Unfortunately, a couple of my sweaters have been taken over by Savvy for the same reason.  And how can you argue when big hazel eyes look at you and go “but they smell like you” with a little pout.

January 25 – Farmer’s Markets – I am lucky that I live in an area where farming is still a viable occupation and we have some terrific Farmer’s Markets.  I really enjoy going out andschallenge25

picking out fresh produce, lugging it back home.  I fix jams and jellies in the spring and summer from the fruits.  I adore fresh tomatoes.  But just to go out and savor the variety it amazing.  Luckily, we are also in a very forward looking area and so many of the farmers are turning to specialty vegetables and more organics.  You can beat what we have here.  Except for the little containers I might manage to grow in my yard.

schallenge26   January 26 – Transportation – Yes, I know I should be relying on my feet more, but the luxury we have to being able to get just about anywhere at anytime is amazing.  I can get to school, to work, to the art stores, meet with friends.  I do try and plan my outings so that I don’t just have idle driving, but I love the ability we have to get around these days.

January 27 – Cards and Letters – I love cardsschallenge27and letters.  Of course, in order to get cards and letters you need to send cards and letters, but I am trying to be better.  I joined just so I can get postcards from all over the world. 

schallenge28  January 28 – Birds – If you love trees, I guess you have to love birds.  Big birds, little birds, chirpy birds, colorful birds, birds that hide in the leaves and scare the heck out of me as I walk by.  I am lucky enough to be by some water where there are several gray herons.

So beyond the things I prize, I am enjoying watching my abilities with watercolors and using some different techniques.  Also, and I plan on taking a picture of it for next week, is how the sketchbook is looking.  It’s all poofing out with the pages I have already done.  I am so excited, I have 28 completed sketches!  Only 337 more to go.

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  1. I love watching your style grow. You really have developed your talents! Good on you! Bravo!


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